We made it through SPARKcon, despite the cloudy weather, with a bunch of selfies and self portraits, new friends, and inspiration from all the creative sparks happening around us. Throughout the weekend, passersby stopped to draw with us, hang out, snap their photo, and share it with #selfieSPARK. Check out twitter and instagram for more pics!

This week, representatives of the Teen Arts Council visited Artspace, a fabulous visual arts center in downtown Raleigh that strives to make the artistic process as accessible and transparent as possible. Teens prototyped selfieSPARK, an interactive drawing activity that will debut at SPARKcon this weekend; toured the open studios; and explored the current exhibition, Render, featuring work by Laura Heyman & Lea Colie Wight. Artspace members such as Paris Alexander and NCMA Artist in Residence Kiki Farish opened their studios and graciously allowed us a glimpse into their artistic process.

Thank you, Artspace artists and staff, for hosting us!

Teen Arts Council Manifestos in Progress

We Want to Keep the Vibes Alive


Last week the Teen Arts Council gathered at the NCMA for our first official meeting. We took this time to declare our motives, views, and intentions for the upcoming school year in a Teen Arts Council Manifesto In Progress. Through rapid drafting and some quick consensus building (check out the previous post), we determined what is important to us, the Teen Arts Council:

  • Good vibes: optimism, encouragement, friendliness, positivity
  • Creating the best possible ArtScene
  • Being involved and involving others
  • Cultivating space for creativity, risk-taking, and personal growth
  • Making the museum a more comfortable place for teens
  • Bonding with our Artist in Residence, Kiki Farish

This last point became the focus of the rest of our session. Kiki shared an unfinished drawing, explaining to us her particular artistic process and method for working through an idea.


This week, we will visit her at her Artspace studio, before working together at SPARKcon this weekend. Come visit our artSPARK Selfie Project on Saturday and Sunday, hangout with volunteers from the NCMA and Artspace, and do some drawing with our artist in residence!

The 2014-2015 Teen Arts Council gathered at the NCMA to kick off a great new year! The thirteen returning members have been joined by twelve new members from across the Triangle area. Together with NCMA Teen Programs Artist in Residence, Kiki Farish, we will investigate the theme of Works in Progress, exploring artistic process and personal growth in the context of the museum.

Teens inspired exhibition is currently being installed at the North Carolina Museum of art. Stay tuned for more photos when the show begins August 1.

Belle Williams found inspiration for Protraiture in a Different Light in Karl Schmidt-Rottluff’s Portrait of EmySimilar to Portrait of Emy, Belle Williams used her photography to focus on showing the personality that can shine through in a portrait. Throughout time people have made portraits to show the physical and emotional factors of others. Visit the NCMA Collection to see other portraits made by many other various artists. 

Anne Carlstein found inspiration for IMPACT! in Andrew Wyeth’s Winter 1946 but choose a more playful manner to capture winter. Anne and Andrew aren’t the only artists to find inspiration in the seasons. Visit the NCMA collection and explore how six different artists were inspired by springtime. Then, grab a sketchbook to observe the different aspects of spring for yourself.

Join the Teen Arts Council to run this Teens Inspired blog and inspire teens across NC! Application (due June 30) here: http://bit.ly/1jR0jU5

ARTscene was an awesome celebration!

On April 26, 2014, North Carolina Museum of Art welcomed over 700 teens and their guests to celebrate Teens Inspired through live performances, image slams, and a ton of activities. Most of the work for Teens Inspired arrived as teens came to the event so we had a small “pop-up” exhibition in the corner of the awards ceremony. Stay tuned to this blog to see how our two teen interns, Jennifer and Ariel, will go behind the scenes to learn how to plan a museum exhibition.

Special thanks for these photos to JT Canfield- one of our awesome Teen Arts Council members!