New Teens, Inspired Submission!

Andrea Allen
Astro Goddess
Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School
Wake County
Acrylic Paint; 18” X 12”
Inspired by: Head of a Woman in the Guise of a Goddess

Artist Statement:”The “Head of a Woman in the Guise of a Goddess” sculpture by an unknown artist is a piece of artwork in the NCMA Permanent Collection. I was inspired to create my own painting of a goddess, a goddess of the universe.

The Original sculpture had been carved and had a natural color. For my painting, my main color of choice was red, especially for the hair. I painted the hair various hues of red, ranging from deep red to a kind of pinkish red. For her skin, I used yellow, brown, and mustard yellow. Her facial expression is soft natured which is why I chose to make her eyes closed. Her lips are red, the bottom one darker than the top, and glossy. The background is of dusty space with stars, galaxies, a moon, and a shooting star. I also added stars in the hair of the goddess to tie in the background.

My painting is asymmetrical and the goddess takes up most of the space. I put a lot of emphasis on the hair of the goddess. The stars in space and the stars in the goddess’s hair are placed there to create a sense of unity.”